According to a quick estimate of tourist activity, released by the National Institute of Statistics (INE), in November 2021, “the tourist accommodation sector registered 1.5 million guests and 3.6 million overnight stays, corresponding to increases in 265.5% and 287.7%, respectively (+115.2% and +137.9% in October, in the same order)”.

However, compared to November 2019, guests decreased by 17% and overnight stays decreased by 12.4%.

In the month under review, overnight stays in hotels (82% of the total) increased by 309.6% (-13.8% compared to November 2019), while overnight stays in local accommodation establishments increased by 14.8% of the total.

In November, 33.8% of tourist accommodation establishments were closed or had no movement of guests, an increase compared to the 25.3% registered in October.

According to the statistical entity, the internal market contributed with 1.3 million overnight stays and increased 140.1%, but the external markets predominated (64.5% weight), totalling 2.3 million overnight stays (+486%).

Compared to November 2019, there were decreases both in overnight stays from residents (-3.4%) and in those from non residents (-16.6%).

In November, the German market accounted for 15.3% of total overnight stays from non residents, followed by the British (14.1%), French (10.2%) and Spanish (10.0%) markets.

In that month, there were increases in overnight stays in all national regions, with the Lisbon Metropolitan Area concentrating 31.4% of overnight stays, followed by the Algarve (18.5%), the North (17.6%) and Madeira (14.4%).

Between January and November 2021, overnight stays from residents represented 50.7% of the total, significantly above the share verified in 2019 of 29.8% of the total.

In that period, the main growths were registered in the Irish (+199.5%), Polish (+170.4%), North American (+120.8%) and Swiss (+100.7%) markets, while the biggest decreases were seen in the Chinese (-63.1%), Canadian (-49.3%), Russian (-31.4%) and Brazilian (-22.7%) markets.