The internal team will promotes “productive efficiency, greater celerity, transparency and reduction of bureaucracy in urban licensing”.

The Project Team for Organizational Innovation in Urbanism wants to get licensing up to speed and it-s creation was approved this Thursday, January 20, according to Público newspaper.

The performance of this team will focus on four areas: communication, monitoring and management control, information systems and standardisation and documentation. According to the municipality, the team should focus “on the creation of communication channels and internal forums for sharing information”, ensuring that there is “homogeneity in the assessment and decision of processes” and greater “internal consultation of opinions, between different departments, in particularly complex matters.

“In 2021, around 1,800 building processes were submitted and decided. However, there remains about 3,100 cases that drag on at different levels of appreciation and decision. This means that we urgently need to look at internal flows, standardize rules and procedures, monitor and produce operational management indicators that allow us to identify improvements, propose solutions and implement them in a short space of time”, said Urbanism councillor Joana Almeida.