If you used ERSE's energy price simulator last year, you likely found lower prices compared to your current contract. This is what happened to more than half (54%) of consumers who compared electricity offers in the tool provided online by the regulator according to a report by ECO.

ERSE states that around 1.4 million simulations were carried out in 2021, noting that the instrument “was launched on May 29, 2018” to allow comparing electricity and natural gas offers in mainland Portugal.

Most users in 2021 ended up finding lower prices compared to those they were paying at the time of the simulation: “The survey carried out with simulator users reveals that 54% found lower prices compared to their current contract and, of those, 82% expressed their intention to change supplier”, stated ERSE.

ERSE recommends that all consumers, whether in the regulated market or in the liberalised market, keep “informed about the possible existence of more advantageous commercial offers”.

“ERSE's energy price simulator responds to these two situations, by currently gathering information from more than 639 tariffs in the liberalised market, from a total of 21 suppliers in electricity and nine suppliers in natural gas”, he added.