According to provisional data from the Public Security Police (PSP), in 2021 this police "subjected 339,533 drivers to the alcohol test, of which 4,348 were fined and 5,987 showed a blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 1.2 g/L", which constitutes a crime.

"Despite the decrease in fatalities, it is essential to increase the enforcement of drunk driving, given the increase in the number of accidents with victims, especially the seriously injured," reads the statement from PSP.

According to the data provided, and stressing that the comparison with 2020 has to take into account the reduction of road traffic in the first year of the pandemic, in the PSP's area of operation road accidents with injuries increased 8 percent in 2021 compared to the previous year and accidents with victims increased 14 percent to 13,296.

There was a 4 percent reduction in the number of fatal victims, but a 19 percent increase in serious injuries, of which 707 were in 2021. In light injuries, on the other hand, the increase was 15 percent, to 15,146.

"Since urban scenarios are highly dynamic, with multiple road users in constant movement, the change in driver behaviour, ceasing to have behaviour that in any way diminishes the ability to exercise driving skills, is a fundamental factor in recovering the trend of decreasing fatalities that was recorded in previous years," the statement adds.

The operation "If you drive don't drink, if you drink don't drive" runs between 27 and 28 January throughout the country, focusing on driving under the influence of alcohol, but also paying attention to speeding, the use of mobile phones at the wheel, correct use of seat belts and restraint systems, respect for signage, among other aspects.