The absolute majority of the PS party will allow the Government to approve the law that takes away the power of veto from the municipalities regarding the location of the new airport in Montijo. António Costa's Executive submitted the bill to Parliament last year, but the diploma was not voted on. At the time, the PSD was available to make the project viable, but now, and after the result of the 2022 legislative elections, the Government no longer needs the support of another party.

This new framework leaves the way open to proceed with the construction of the new airport in Montijo, since this location is in two of the three scenarios under analysis, according to Público newspaper. The Government has several solutions on the table: the current dual solution, in which Humberto Delgado airport will have the status of main airport and Montijo will have the status of complement; an alternative dual solution, in which Montijo will progressively acquire the status of main airport and Humberto Delgado that of complement; and the construction of a new Lisbon international airport at Campo de Tiro de Alcochete.

The National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) rejected the request for a prior feasibility assessment for the construction of the Complementary Airport in Montijo, requested by ANA in March last year, as there was no favourable opinion from all the municipal councils of the municipalities potentially affected – namely the municipalities of Moita and Seixal.

It was following this decision that the Government delivered to Parliament the diploma that defended that the opinions of the municipalities “result from eminently local interests that, sometimes, are not always aligned with the superior national interest”.

The law currently in force says that there must be a “green light” from all municipalities, and that is precisely what the Ministry of Infrastructure wants to change.