According to the Regulatory Authority's price bulletin of Energy Services (ERSE), the price with taxes of 95 gasoline in the last quarter of last year was 1,669 euros per litre, higher than in Spain and also compared to the European average. However, “Portugal practiced a lower average sales price without taxes than in Spain”, but “the tax burden applied in Portugal (57%) justified the lower price competitiveness in the context of the Iberian Peninsula”, explains the regulator.

The scenario is the same when looking at the prices of simple diesel, which were 1,520 euros per litre. “The tax burden in Portugal justified the practice of prices 25 cent/l higher than in Spain. Excluding taxes, average national prices are 1.3 cents/l lower than those in the neighbouring country,” ERSE notes again.

“Portugal is in the tenth position of the countries that sell expensive simple diesel in the EU-27, with the price charged corresponding to a difference of 32 cent/l and 35 cent/l compared to the country with the lowest prices and the country with the highest prices, respectively”, adds the regulator.