The company, which is headquartered in Madrid but listed on the Lisbon stock exchange, informs the market that the final result for 2021 was “mostly” due to higher capital gains, lower financial costs and higher generation compared to 2020.

EDPR underlines that last year its revenues increased to €1,758 million, a growth of 2% compared to 2020.

EBITDA (earnings before taxes, interest, depreciation and amortization) totaled €1,760 million, 6% more than in the previous year.

According to the company's information, at the end of 2021 EDPR had an operating portfolio of 13.6 GW (gigawatts), with an average age of nine years, of which 12.5 GW was fully consolidated and 1.1 GW was consolidated at the 'Equity' level (Spain, Portugal, USA and Offshore).

EDPR added a total of 2,584 MW (megawatts) of wind and solar capacity, of which 2,273 MW were fully consolidated, more precisely, 682 MW in Europe, 1,204 MW in North America, 359 MW in Brazil and 28 MW in the Asia-Pacific region, notably in Vietnam.

During the year, EDPR produced 30.3 TWh (terawatts) of green energy, an increase of 6% compared to 2020, avoiding 18 mt (megatons) of CO2 emissions.

EDP ​​Renováveis ​​increased the number of employees by 24%, from 1,735 at the end of 2020 to 2,150 one year later.

According to the company, the total investment was €2,522 million in 2021, 20% more than in the previous year.

In December 2021, net debt totaled €2,935 million, 15% less than a year earlier.

Energias de Portugal, S.A. (EDP) is the largest shareholder of EDP Renováveis, which is headquartered in Madrid.