“[The strike notice] has to do with working conditions, the lack of staff and the climate on the part of the management in relation to workers, which disturbs the proper functioning”, said, in statements to Lusa agency, Anabela Carvalheira, from the Federation of Transport and Communications Unions (FECTRANS).

“Taking into account the information that the Lisbon Metropolitano's board of directors decided to send to workers, devaluing all the existing problems in this area, the union organisations signed [Tuesday] a new strike notice for the 11th and 18 March, for the period between 05:00 and 09:00 ”.

According to Anabela Carvalheira, the unions also want the company to “put into practice a series of commitments made to workers a long time ago”.

Anabela Carvalheira also stressed that the fact that the strikes only take place in March still gives the administration time to resolve some of the workers' issues.

According to FECTRANS, the prior notice respects the decisions of the plenary sessions, so it covers all the heads of the Operations Department, as well as the train drivers.