Blue Flame Will of God
The Will of God is not a God outside of you. It is simply the God that you are and that you have always been, although when you are in a physical incarnation you tend to temporarily forget. Your Divine Presence is totally omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent, and can fulfill all of your desires instantly. You have temporarily forgotten that you are nothing less than an expression of this great I AM, incarnated in a human experience. You came here with an agenda to attain soul perfection and expand your own divinity to the fullness of your God-Mastery and Wisdom. You are here seeking advanced enlightenment and total spiritual freedom. You are here to become an unlimited God in all planes of existence.
This is an agenda of love for the Self, and that Self is no one but “YOU.” Many of you are still so caught up in your mundane affairs, you are not seeking to attain the goals you have incarnated for. For too many of you, the affairs of your soul path and soul evolution have become the last concern on your agenda.

Yellow Flame of Illumination of God
The Ray of Illumination represents God-wisdom, true knowledge and enlightenment in all its various facets. It represents Christ consciousness illumination, understanding, perception and peace from the heart of God’s omniscience. It is literally an unlimited extension of the Mind of God. Many of the souls incarnating on the Ray of Illumination by divine appointment become teachers of humanity. A great number of the Masters of Wisdom you are familiar with, who have incarnated in the past as great teachers for humanity, are beings whose main soul pathway is the Ray of Illumination. To name a few, you have the master Jesus/Sananda 2,000 years ago, Lord Maitreya, Lord Buddha, Lord Confucius, Djwal Khul, Lord Lanto, Master Kuthumi, and many others.
Masters of all the Rays have also incarnated from time to time to become teachers of humanity because humanity must learn to understand and master the initiations of all the rays in perfect balance in order to qualify for the Ascension. Everyone has been created on one of the twelve rays, and millions of beings exist on each one. Understand that there is not one ray better than another, like some of you would like to believe. All of the rays must be embodied, understood and integrated equally.

Pink Flame of God’s Love
The Third Ray is connected to the heart chakra, magnifying the Love of the Divine and Human Self. Love’s divine qualities are, among many others, omnipresence, compassion, mercy, charity and the desire to be God in action through the love of the Holy Spirit. Because of his mastery of the eternal Flame of Cosmic Love, Master Paul the Venetian also holds the office of the Maha Chohan for the planet. In this position in the hierarchy, he embodies at this time the energy of what is known to you as the Office of the Holy Spirit. This is a very complex and wondrous office that could fill many chapters of a book.

Diamond White Ascension Flame
Those working with the Ascension Ray must prepare for change. Once touched by that Flame, you are never the same again. Everyone can work with it, of course, but in its full intensity, it holds the capacity to completely transform the initiate who has reached the doorway of Ascension. When you are finally ready to take this leap in your evolution, you will be immersed in the frequency of that magnificent energy. It will propel you into the final step, when the fires of that Love will consume all human limitations, your full consciousness will be restored and all your bodies will align and unite. You will then be invited to join the “immortals,” as an Ascended Master. You will step into that glorious spiritual freedom and consciously reconnect with your Creator and with all that exists within His heart. This is, my friends, how powerful the Ascension Flame is.

Green Flame of Healing
There is no one recipe of Healing for everyone. Each one is unique and has different issues to heal. Each of you has a different emotional make-up and your own distinct healing process. Basically, you will start the process moving in the right direction through choice, sustained intention, conscious and active meditation, and diligent communication with your Higher Self each day. Ask the part of you that remains in divine wholeness to reveal to you what needs healing in the now moment, and to bring it forth to your conscious awareness.
Start signaling your I AM Presence with serious intention that you want to be whole again, and that you want to integrate all parts of yourself in Unity and Oneness. Submit yourself willingly to whatever process is necessary to receive that healing in full trust, faith, love and surrender. Be assured that you will receive the full cooperation of your Higher Self and the whole of the light realm. Your healing process will then begin to take place at every level.

Golden Flame of Resurrection
The Flame of Resurrection is not uniquely a Healing Flame; its sphere of action is vast, and in our short time together, we can only cover a general understanding. It was the Flame of Resurrection that the Master Jesus used to resurrect his own body in the tomb after the crucifixion 2,000 years ago. This alone should give you a clue. When you contemplate its greater meaning, what does resurrection really mean? What it did for this Great Avatar, can also work for you. The attributes of this Flame have not diminished; on the contrary, it has gathered more momentum since that time.
Although this Flame is always active, Easter time is when its energy doubles in intensity for the benefit of mankind. The Flame of Resurrection, as a Sixth Ray activity, also embodies the energies of Selfless Service and Ministration. That is what Jesus embodied and demonstrated by his life and his selfless service to humanity. He remained in this holy calling for the whole dispensation of the Aquarian Age.

Violet Flame of Transmutation
The Seventh Ray can assist in the purification of the substances and the energies of life. There are many ways you can use the Violet Flame constructively and effectively. You can use it through prayers and invocations; you can also visualize it in your meditation and set your intention to receive an infusion of this energy in all aspects of your being.
You can breathe it into every cell, atom and electron of your body. You can cleanse and purify every thought and feeling in your auric field. Be creative and start writing your own prayers and invocations to it. When these come from the fire of your own heart, they are more powerful than those that have been written by other people. Prayers written by others are most suited for those who wrote them. Work with it each day and start creating miracles of love in your lives.

So Blessed Hearts this concludes the series on The Seven Sacred Flames. We honour you for your openness in receiving this information. We send you blessings of love, courage and wisdom as you move through your life. Apply these “Pearls of Wisdom” to your daily life and watch the glorious transformation take place within you and around you.
From all the Ascended Masters May Peace and Love be with you!

From The Book “The Seven Sacred Flames”
By Aurelia Louis Jones.

Channeled Light encoded Mandala’s by Nancy - Blueyespiritlight