Globally, 59% of the 11,000 respondents in 17 countries also agree with this statement (36% non-owners and 23% owners). German (61%), British (55%), Dutch (48%) and French (47%) non-owners hold this opinion most strongly.

Among those who own an SUV, 31% Dutch and 31% South Africans agree. The Portuguese are close to the middle of the table (27%). Turkish and Mexican owners agree least that SUVs are more polluting than other vehicles (11% and 13%, respectively).

The environmental issue is, therefore, a point of contention between the pros and cons of SUVs, but this issue is not the only criticism of these cars. The size of SUVs is another of the criticisms as they often cause problems in cities, as they are considered too large for traffic lanes and parking spaces.

Two out of three of non-SUV owners feel that these and other criticisms are justified. In Portugal, 60% agree, even though in a lower proportion than the British and Germans (84% and 80%, respectively). Among those who are owners, only one in two respondents globally considers the criticism justified, with 48% among Portuguese respondents. North Americans, French and Spaniards hold this opinion the least (41%, 42% and 43%, respectively).