"This update will take effect from May and represents an average variation of 3%", said an official source at the electric company.

In January, EDP already increased electricity tariffs, by an average of 2.4%.

“Over the last few years, EDP Comercial has sought to guarantee stability to its customers, updating tariffs only at the beginning of each year, even in periods of price fluctuation in wholesale markets”, said EDP.

However, they added, "the current international context has intensified this instability and caused an increase in the price of electricity purchase, which is currently about three times higher than what was recorded in the last quarter of last year".

Gas up

Galp also announced this week that it will raise tariffs for domestic customers from April 15, with monthly increases of up to three euros for natural gas, and between one and two euros for electricity, an official source confirmed.

In the note sent to customers, to which Lusa had access, Galp highlights that "the new prices […] reflect the increase in the cost of acquiring energy in line with the evolution of the price in the international market", indicating the new values, but without referring to the variation in question.