The authorisation was approved by the Council of Ministers, according to the statement released after the executive's weekly meeting.

Contacted by the Lusa agency, a source from the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action, said that this is an investment within the scope of the Transtejo fleet renewal plan and concerns the acquisition of 10 electric ships from the Spanish shipyards Gondán.

According to the same source, delivery of the first ship is scheduled for this year.

“With these ships, which represent an investment of 52,440,000 euros, the company has an environmentally sustainable fleet of ships, powered by a 100% electric propulsion system, with lower energy consumption than current ships and no GHG emissions [in In 2019, diesel consumption was around 5.249 million litres, corresponding to the emission of 13,122 tons of CO2]", in line with the policies for decarbonisation, stressed Transtejo.

Transtejo provides river connections to Lisbon from Seixal, Montijo, Cacilhas and Trafaria/Porto Brandão.