This signature style restaurant opened on 25 May 2021 and is headed by Nuno Martins and his wife Manuela João. Together, joining the couple's initials, they named the restaurant - which they called NUMA.

This recent family run business is a dream come true. From a very young age, Nuno Martins, CEO and chef at NUMA, started working in the hospitality industry. Despite having studied Civil Engineering, in 2011 he reawakened his passion for cooking and decided to pursue his first love. In partnership with Manuela João, who has a lot of experience in customer service, administrative service and supplier management, they started this new project to offer a sophisticated gastronomic experience in the city of Portimão.

First glance

Upon arrival, we were warmly welcomed and guided to our table. Once seated comfortably, we took a moment to relax and enjoy the beautiful interior design that enchanted us. The space is nothing less than five stars and is worth taking beautiful pictures of to remember in the future.

As we contemplated the whole atmosphere, the amuse-bouche and welcome drinks have just arrived at our table. I must say that during dinner there were many surprises prepared by the Chef. I don't want to spoil it, but I can say that they were all little treats that melted our hearts and also made our mouths water.

For example, the couvert, which consisted of bread, olive oil with coarse salt, duck croquette and two different types of butter, surprised us as we were challenged to try to find out what the flavour behind one of the butters was. And guess what? We do not! First, the chef challenged us to try it, and since we said we didn't know, he waited until the very last minute to let us know what the flavour was.


Sophistication is the watchword

After the couvert, it was time for two more starters – a tartar and a cauliflower cream. Both were fantastic. The first had beef tartar, oyster mayonnaise, red onion and fries – a perfect combination of flavours that exploded in our mouths. As for the cauliflower cream, it was carefully prepared with cauliflower, brioche and truffle oil

Cauliflower Soup

Supporting local producers

During dinner, the chef was very attentive, explaining all the dishes he prepared for us, specifying what ingredients were behind the meals. Also, as Nuno explained, almost all the products he uses are bought from local producers. Every week he goes to the market to buy fish and vegetables. He could buy it at a supermarket, but he prefers to support the local community.

As a consequence, the menu changes every season. NUMA currently has its winter menu, but we can expect the next new menu to come out very soon. Therefore, a frequent visit to this restaurant is always important so you don’t miss any delicious dishes.

Main Course

Although the menus depend on the fresh foods of the season, there are two dishes that NUMA always has, regardless of the seasonal menu, which are Sirloin Steak (composed of souffle potatoes, roasted vegetables, spinach and wild mushrooms) and Octopus, which came with a texture of sweet potato, black risotto, pork rinds and lemon. Despite their Portuguese traditional roots, these dishes were made with a contemporary touch that brings together different flavours, all balanced with a harmony of tastes.

A happy ending

Following the main courses, we received a delicious chocolate dessert. Once again, it was superb! I remember all the little details of the flavours of the different chocolates that made up the dish. Chocolate, honey, caramel and pomegranate were the main ingredients. However, the pomegranate ingredient will soon change to something of the season. Raspberries seem like the most probable choice.

Desert Course

Vegetarians are very welcomed

At this restaurant, vegetarians are not forgotten either. In fact, the menu has two great veggie options. As well as the other dishes, vegetarian options also vary according to the seasons, so there are sometimes menus with three options. In addition, if you go to the restaurant more than twice a week/month and want to try different food, just ask Nuno and he will be very happy to create something completely different just for you.

All in all, in this signature style restaurant you will have innovative meals with experimental combinations.

NUMA serve dinner and lunch from Monday to Saturday. For reservations, please call +351 282 432 454 or email


Paula Martins is a fully qualified journalist, who finds writing a means of self-expression. She studied Journalism and Communication at University of Coimbra and recently Law in the Algarve. Press card: 8252

Paula Martins