The course has a cost of €900 and will be taught face-to-face for 300 hours, scheduled through the months of the course.

Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo do Oeste will be working in partnership with the Portuguese Association of Sommeliers, which is a member of Association de la Sommellerie International, aiming to prepare and qualify the professionals of the field. As wine is one of the most important features in Portuguese gastronomy, the school will be hosting the Sommelier Course.

The course is directed especially to those who already have experience in the wine industry and sommeliers in particular. The objectives of the course is to start by gaining knowledge about Portuguese wines, as well as learning techniques to taste wine and learning how to serve the drink to a person correctly. The students may also learn the process of producing wine and how to organise a winery.

From Monday to Thursday, the students will have three hours of classes from 3:30pm until 6:30pm, in Caldas da Rainha. The inscription may be made online on the website of Turismo Portugal.

Some discounts may be applied according to the situation of the students. Businesses that bring workers to the course may have a discount from 10 to 15 percent. The same applies to former students from any school from Escolas do Turismo de Portugal, or for those who pay the totality of the course before the deadline. Unemployed people may undertake the course for free, under an analysis of the school. All the information concerning the course may be found on


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