According to a report by The Independent, this new rule allows passengers to travel with liquids without being subject to restrictions on the size of packages, as long as they are stored/carried in hand luggage.

The rules are set to go into effect not just at airports in Ireland, but at other airports as well, according to travel expert Eoghan Corry.

According to Corry, “what has changed is technology, with companies raising the level of technology and security”, also emphasising that the intention is that it is also not necessary to take laptops and liquids out of suitcases.

In a statement, the managing body of Shannon airport states, however, that “the restriction of liquids in 100 ml containers may, however, be in force at all other EU airports”, so it will be necessary to check locally, at each airport, if restrictions apply.

In 2021, Shannon Airport introduced a new passenger security system costing €2.7 million, which upgraded the security equipment in the airport terminal, meaning passengers can carry liquids when passing through security.