Tiago Antunes continues in the Government as State Secretaries, although now in European Affairs, instead of being Assistant to the Prime Minister, Francisco André (Foreign Affairs and Cooperation), André Moz Caldas in the Presidency of the Council of Ministers, and Eduardo Pinheiro, who had Mobility and takes on Planning.

Inês Ramires (Public Administration, after having been in Education), Patrícia Gaspar (Civil Protection), António Mendonça Mendes (Fiscal Affairs), João Nuno Mendes (Treasury), João Neves (Economy), Rita Marques (Tourism, Commerce and Services), Gabriel Bastos (Social Security), Ana Sofia Antunes (Inclusion), António Lacerda Sales (Deputy and Health) and João Galamba (Environment and Energy).

Among the 23 secretaries of State who continue in the executive are Fátima Fonseca (changes from Administrative Modernization to Health), João Catarino (Nature and Forests Conservation), Jorge Delgado (Urban Mobility), Hugo Mendes (Infrastructures), Marina Gonçalves ( Housing), Isabel Ferreira (Regional Development), Carlos Miguel (Local Administration and Spatial Planning), Rui Martinho (Agriculture) and Teresa Coelho (Fisheries).

In relation to the new 15 secretaries of State, Paulo Cafofo, former mayor of Funchal and former leader of PS/Madeira, assumes the portfolio of Portuguese Communities, and Mário Filipe Campolargo, with Digitization and Administrative Modernization, which will be under the direct dependence of the Prime Minister, António Costa.

Bernardo Ivo Cruz (Internationalization), Marco Ferreira (National Defense), Isabel Oneto (Internal Administration, a return), Jorge Costa (Deputy and Justice), Pedro Tavares (Justice), Sofia Batalha ( Budget), Sara Guerreiro (Equality and Migration), João Paulo Correia (Youth and Sports), José Costa (Sea), Isabel Cordeiro (Culture), Pedro Teixeira (Higher Education), António Leite (Education) and Luís Fontes (Work) .

In the XXIII Constitutional, the Secretaries of State Duarte Cordeiro, Catarina Sarmento e Castro and João Costa are promoted to ministers, who will respectively assume the portfolios of Environment and Climate Action, Justice and Education.

The Secretaries of State João Torres (Trade, Services and Consumer Protection, now proposed for Assistant Secretary General of the PS), André Azevedo (Digital Transition), Ana Paula Zacarias (European Affairs), Berta Nunes (Portuguese Communities) will leave the Government. Rosa Monteiro (Citizenship and Equality), Cláudia Pereira (Integration and Migration), Cláudia Joaquim (Budget) and Miguel Cruz (Treasury).

The secretaries of State of the outgoing government, Jorge Seguro Sanches (Deputy and National Defence), Antero Luís (Deputy and Internal Administration), Mário Belo Morgado (Deputy and Justice), Anabela Pedroso (Justice) also ceased their functions on Wednesday. José Couto (Public Administration), Jorge Botelho (Decentralization and Local Administration), Ricardo Pinheiro (Planning), Ângela Ferreira (Deputy and Cultural Heritage), Nuno Artur Silva (Cinema, Audiovisual and Media), João Sobrinho Teixeira (Science, Technology and Higher Education), João Paulo Correia (Youth and Sports) and Miguel Cabrita (Deputy, Work and Vocational Training).