“Of the 62 reservoirs monitored, 15 have water availability greater than 80% of the total volume and 12 have availability below 40% of the total volume”, according to the latest data.

The reservoirs with less than 40% of stored water are Alto Lindoso (17%), Alto Rabagão (21%), Paradela (22%), Gulhofrei (38%), Vilar Tabuaço (19%), Cabril (37 %), Campilha (5%), Fonte Serne (29%), Minutos (40%) Monte da Rocha (15%), Roxo (40%) and Bravura (15%).

The SNIRG also indicates that, on March 28, 2022 and compared to the previous bulletin (March 25, 2022), there was an increase in the volume stored in eight river basins and a decrease in six. The Barlavento and Lima hydrographic basins are in the “red”, presenting a water storage volume of 14.9% and 19.5% respectively.