This intention was reaffirmed by António Costa, leader of the PS. The prime minister thus confirmed that the minimum wage will increase to 750 euros, maintaining the trajectory already defined by the Government, even with the acceleration of the rate of inflation.

Despite the sharp rise in prices, António Costa maintains the intention to increase the minimum wage to 750 euros in January 2023, maintaining the trajectory defined in the electoral program. The goal is to reach 2026 with a minimum wage of 900 euros.

“We maintain our objective of continuing the trajectory of increasing the national minimum wage. We set a goal: the goal for 2023 was to reach 750 euros. At the time they said we were unrealistic. We were advancing step by step, we are at 705 euros and next year we will advance to 750 euros", said António Costa, promising "dialogue with partners".

In January, even before the elections, António Costa admitted that he could go beyond 900 euros until 2026, if there are conditions to do so. “We have seen with great satisfaction that many entrepreneurs say that we have to make a leap in relation to the minimum wage. I had a meeting with businessmen and some said that at least one thousand euros should be the level of the national minimum wage”, he said at the time, before the acceleration of inflation in Portugal.