Between January and March of this year, 738 new accommodations were registered in Lisbon, which represents an increase of 382% compared to the same period in 2021 and 25% compared to 2019, reports Diário de Notícias. This increase in licenses was instigated by the measure defining the immediate suspension of new local accommodation (LA) registrations for a period of six months.

The measure in question, extendable for up to one year, was applied in 14 of the 24 parishes in Lisbon that have a ratio between the number of AL establishments and the number of permanent dwellings equal to or greater than 2.5%. Thus, the suspension of registrations covers the parishes of Santa Maria Maior (52%), Misericórdia (39%), Santo António (26%), São Vicente (16%), Arroios (14%), Estrela (11%), Avenidas Novas (7%), Alcântara (5%), Belém (4%), Campo de Ourique (4%), Parque das Nações (4%), Penha de França (4%), Ajuda (3%) and Areeiro (3%).

The suspension of new ALs came from a proposal by the PS and Livre in the Lisbon Chamber, which was approved by the City Council Executive on December 15th. It came into force on April 15th, after being published in the Municipal Bulletin the day before.