The MotoGP Portuguese Grand Prix, which takes place between Friday (22 April) and Sunday (24 April), in Portimão, could generate a direct and indirect return of around €50 million for the country, estimates the president of Algarve Tourism.

“In general terms, we have an impact that can be higher and with direct, indirect and induced values, of 50 million euros for the country, which is very relevant”, the president of the Tourism Region do Algarve (RTA), João Fernandes.

According to Fernandes, the fact that the Portuguese Grand Prix takes place on the weekend immediately after Easter, is an “additional demand factor” to “prolong the start of the high season” of Algarve tourism.


“When looking at only the MotoGP, Moto2 and Moto3 teams, journalists and members of the organization we are talking about more than 3,500 people. And the direct impact of these people, just considering accommodation, food, travel, plane tickets and some pocket money, we are talking about a value of close to four million euros”, he quantified.

The expenses incurred by the “3,648 people” who are directly linked to the organization of the event are also joined by “local suppliers”, such as “commissioners, firefighters, doctors, fuel suppliers, helicopters, direct service providers”, exemplified the president of the RTA.

“We are talking about more than 800 thousand euros in direct consumption for local suppliers”, noting that these data “are important not only for the Algarve, but for the country as a whole”.


João Fernandes also said that “about 40,000 spectators are expected per day, a total of 120,000 entries for the three days, and here the bar is already raised to almost 28 million euros”.

The competition also represents “a great showcase for the world” and provides “reinforcement of the destination’s reputation”, when tourism shows “very relevant signs of a recovery, already at levels above expectations” for this year, stressed João Fernandes.

“And the fact that this year, for example – unlike in previous editions – the demand is half national and half international, also reveals a great appetite for foreign markets for the region and for this event in particular”, said João Fernandes.