Alvor Bay

Alvor awakens in the morning dew

As rays play hide and seek across the way.

The village is inviting, reflecting the Algarvean hue

With its Misericordia church of white, yellow and grey,

Watching over the harbor of Alvor bay.


The hot sun pulsates against my flesh,

Golfinos jump high in the Atlantic spray.

Waves curl on the beaches with a gentle caress,

A windsurfer in-flight merrily calls out to say,

‘Let’s play on the waves of Alvor bay!'


At night the fisherman depart from where they moored

In wooden boats of white that bob and sway,

They fill their nets from deep blue shores

With dourada, sea bass and sardinha caught in the morning ray,

To grace the festive tables tonight in Alvor bay.


A red-hooded galo crows briskly on yonder fence,

Sheep bleat to each other – Gato’s meow in play,

In the distant hounds voices loudly commence

Barking in unison – we listen, smile and say,

‘What sounds can be heard in Alvor bay?’


The village market bustles with produce they grew,

The Portuguese happily chat in the bright light of dia.

Music plays invitingly from bars, restaurants and cafes too,

We sip our vihno verde - lineup and shout - hey!

‘Let’s dance until dawn in Alvor bay!’