“What is at the moment is knowing the best moment to proceed with the fourth dose or booster dose. Given the characteristics of this virus, and with the epidemiological situation being relatively controlled, what seems to make more sense is that this moment happens just before the beginning of autumn/winter. Therefore, at the end of August/beginning of September”, said the Minister of Health, in Porto.

Marta Temido also added that the administration of the booster dose to people over 80 is “in line with the position of the European Medicines Agency”.

“There is evidence, which is not entirely clear, [administration of the booster] for the 60-80 age group and there seems to be some clarity that under 60 will not be warranted,” she said.

Marta Temido safeguarded that “for groups depending on their situation of immunocompromise or immune fragility”, the fourth dose “is already being given with a medical prescription” and guaranteed that Portugal is prepared to continue the process.