This figure was revealed by António Costa at the High Level Conference on Doares for Ukraine, which takes place in Warsaw.

The High-Level Donor Conference for Ukraine is an initiative of the Prime Ministers of Poland and Sweden, in partnership with the Presidents of the European Commission and of the European Council, and at the opening session had a brief intervention by the Ukrainian President, Volodymyr Zelensky, by videoconference.

“Portugal is prepared to commit to a financial contribution of one million euros to the United Nations humanitarian response and an additional 1.1 million euros in humanitarian aid for Ukraine, in a total package of 2.1 million euros. Portugal is with Ukraine”.

“Brutal invasion”

In his speech, the prime minister praised his Polish counterparts, Mateusz Morawieckie, and Sweden, Magdalena Andersson, for their initiative and, in his opening words, condemned “the brutal invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation”.

“It is an unacceptable act of war in the 21st century. The consequences of this aggression extend far beyond Ukrainian territory, with millions of refugees seeking safety across our continent,” he maintained.

35,000 refugees

António Costa later observed that Portugal, “despite being the westernmost country in Europe and the furthest away from Ukraine, has already received 35,000 Ukrainian refugees”.

“To these people we reaffirm our strongest commitment to ensuring their safety and well-being. However, we are all aware that the most difficult situation is the one facing those who remain in Ukraine where the humanitarian situation is in many cases very critical,” he added.