“This rail corridor will have a very negative impact on one of the most important sectors of the local economy”, she maintained.

In a note sent to journalists, this municipality in the district of Aveiro reported that the concerns of the Mayor of Anadia were expressed at the opening session of the event “Aqui na Bairrada”, which took place over the weekend, at the Sports Pavilion of Anadia.

Teresa Cardoso considered that “this gigantic investment” that will allow “to slightly reduce” the travel time between Lisbon and Porto, “is very harmful” for the municipality.

“The line will overlap one of the largest wine-growing areas in the region, even overtaking existing excellent wine tourism projects,” she said.

Not justified

The mayor also stressed that “the new line will not add anything to the county's economic development”, hence, in her opinion, “the new section is not justified”.

“The Municipality of Anadia and its bodies will speak out against this project, protesting against it and demanding less harmful alternative solutions”, she advanced.

The note sent to journalists also highlighted that, on that occasion, the president of the Bairrada Wine Commission (CVB), José Pedro Soares, was also concerned about the possibility of the high-speed train line traversing the Bairrada vineyards.

“Does it make sense to tear up our region once again to save half a dozen minutes between Lisbon and Porto?”, he asked.