These measures are part of a bill by the "Livre" party that was approved on 12 May at a private meeting by Lisbon Council.

As such, those driving in Lisbon will have to face new rules such as "reducing the maximum allowed speed by 10 kilometres per hour to 30 kilometres per hour on the 3rd, 4th and 5th road network, to 40 kilometres per hour on the 2nd road network and to 70 kilometres per hour on the 1st road network," according to Lusa.

The bill also sets a "ban on car traffic on Avenida da Liberdade on all Sundays and public holidays", something that used to only happen on the last Sunday of each month.

The bill, which is part of the party's initiative "Against war, for the climate: proposal for reducing dependence on fossil fuels in the city of Lisbon", also establishes that the cut in car traffic on Sundays should be extended to more places.

The main goal is to encourage the population to travel more on foot, in a safe and comfortable way and without using their own car. The Livre proposal also calls for the promotion of public transport as well as cycling.