In this article I will share some of the best places to release bad energies while looking at the greatest landscapes from some of the best Portuguese viewpoints.

Miradouro Olhos do Tua – Bragança

Located next to the village of Castanheiro do Norte in the district of Bragança it is possible to look across a panoramic view of Rio Tua valley. This viewpoint is shaped like a boat, to recall the possibility of a boat travelling on the river.

Miradouro da Boneca – Penafiel

Keeping in mind that to experience the greatest views, visitors will have to travel to high places. Miradouro da Boneca is no exception. Reaching one of the highest points of Penafiel, whoever visits the place will face a balcony that allows a look over the village of Sebolido. The place is surrounded by nature and has some seats for people to enjoy and relax in this quiet place.

Miradouro de Vale de Canas – Coimbra

Once again, going high is the trick. On a curvy road, always going up, drivers will arrive at a place next to Tovim, in Coimbra. This viewpoint will certainly amaze those who arrive there. It is possible to see every point, every place of Coimbra. From this viewpoint, people may identify where the university is, where the shopping centres are and even recognise their own homes! At the viewpoint there are also some works, to make the experience even more amazing. A white pergola was placed and some seats too. It is a great place to talk with friends or loved ones and sometimes to listen to live music from a street artist who may have brought up their guitar.

Miradouro do Espírito Santo – Viana do Castelo

Another high place, but this time it is advisable to walk to reach this place. Once you arrive you will see a stone portico that frames the view of the Minho River and Spain. The stone portico is the result of never-finished work of a chapel.

Miradouro da Nossa Senhora da Conceição – Tabuaço

Located in the Douro region, visitors may be able to see the vineyards of Vinho do Porto and have a relaxing time. Those who like to do physical exercise will certainly enjoy this place. The view is not the only thing it has to offer. There is a running circuit in the area, challenging runners to do certain exercises along the way.

Miradouro Rocha dos Bordões – Ilha das Flores, Azores

The Azores is rich in amazing landscapes; therefore, the viewpoints will highlight the beauty of the islands of this archipelago. From Rocha dos Bordões's viewpoint, it is possible to watch the characteristic fauna and flora of the volcanic landscape of the Azores.

Miradouro Cabo Girão – Madeira

The viewpoint is located in the highest cape in Europe, located at an altitude of 538 metres in height. This place has a glass platform so people can walk and look at the sea through the platform, this also makes it a great place for people to face their fear of heights, as those with vertigo may feel a little bit uncomfortable, but the view will more than compensate for it!


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