António Lacerda Sales said that the Monkeypox virus “is not a disease of risk groups”, but “a disease of risky behaviours”, to which everyone is subject.

The official confirmed that the 23 cases of the disease caused by the Monkeypox virus identified so far in Portugal “are all stable” and are being followed up.

“It is a self-limiting disease, that is, it does not yet have a specific treatment”, explained the Secretary of State, adding that monitoring is being carried out “through sequencing and through the follow-up of these patients”.

The official admitted that very little is known about the disease and that it is a matter that is under study.

The Monkeypox virus is of the Orthopoxvirus genus (smallpox is the best known of this genus) and the disease is transmitted through contact with animals, or close contact with infected people or contaminated materials.

The disease is rare and usually does not spread easily among humans.

This is the first time that Monkeypox virus infection has been detected in Portugal.