José Luís Carneiro visited the Escola Prática de Polícia (EPP), in Torres Novas (Santarém), attending practical training, simulation of occurrences and physical evidence, and classes.

The visit also served to recognise the “great quality in the preparation for threats that are increasingly demanding”, made by the EPP teachers, as well as to articulate with the Torres Novas Chamber the “cooperation” for the requalification of the buildings of the EPP school and for “a solution that complements this infrastructure”, said the minister.

The mayor of Torres Novas, Pedro Ferreira, told Lusa that the municipality plans to invest 700,000 euros in the former Andrade Corvo college, belonging to the diocese of Santarém, to allow the expansion of the EPP's capacity.

As other priority objectives, the minister pointed to investment in improving the working conditions of the security forces, which he considered “indispensable for a greater attractiveness of this public service function”, the construction and requalification of police stations, acquisition of personal protective equipment and mobility and technological modernisation.

“It is essential to create conditions so that they can operate with great dignity” and “make them feel good in the security forces”, he said.