If you have never experienced a duo or trio piano concert before it is an absolutely fascinating experience that is not to be missed. The trio is formed by pianists Doris Gameiro and Jose Cubela from Texas and Svetlana Bakushina a local artist based in the Algarve. Their first performance was near the heart of Portugal, at the Centro de Artes de Águeda in 2019. One piano - six hands concert, featuring works by Gershwin, Piazzolla, Rachmaninov, and Sousa, was organised by Sergio Brito, an organist, choir director and piano teacher at the Águeda Conservatory.

Doris Gameiro is a classically trained pianist who teaches privately (virtually and in person) in Fort Worth, Texas in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She is passionate about playing piano collaboratively and is also a jewellery maker. Jose Antonio Cubela is a versatile musician who has performed and recorded as a solo, and chamber pianist. In addition to his performing activities, he has judged national and international piano festivals and competitions. Svetlana Bakushina is a pianist, artist and a filmmaker based in Algarve. She runs her private piano studio in Portimão and produces independent films. Svetlana performs in styles from classical to fusion, collaborating with musicians from different countries.

With Covid putting a halt on international travel, the Trio worked on individual projects and has been diligently working along this past year getting ready for this performance, presenting well known works by Debussy, Rachmaninoff, Gluck, Manuel de Falla and brand-new works, including a never debuted before piece by Nicaraguan composer Luis Fletes Soza by Svetlana Bakushina.

For booking information, please contact Amigos do museu on 966 329 073 or alternatively, email admin@amigos-museu-sbras.pt. You can also check them out on YouTube at Piano duos and trios - YouTube.