According to a study by OLX, based on data taken from the platform and a survey applied to its users, in mid-May, in which it analyses the evolution of demand and supply of caravans and motorhomes in Portugal, the demand for caravans, motorhomes and related services increased by 29% in 2022, through April, compared to the same period last year.

Flexible travel

“The pandemic has boosted the demand for caravans and motorhomes in Portugal in recent years. More and more people are investing in flexible ways of traveling and opting for outdoor tourism. At the moment, 43% of consumers surveyed prefer to be on holiday in a caravan or motorhome, rather than staying at an all-inclusive resort, sunbathing on the beach or pool, among other traditional holiday options”, explains Sebastiaan Lemmens, general director of OLX Portugal.

Overall, from January 2021 to April 2022, the demand for caravans and motorhomes is mainly focused on Lisbon (33%), Setúbal (16%) and Braga (9%). In the case of the supply of vehicles of this type, this is in line with demand, particularly in Lisbon (33%), Setúbal (15%) and Braga (9%).

Saving on family vacation trips (42%), encouraging improvised and itinerant tourism (33%) and the ease of transporting pets (7%) are also highlighted by users as the main advantages of travelling in a caravan or campervan.

As for the regions chosen by consumers, 34% answered that they would choose the south of the country and 25% would choose to venture into Europe with these vehicles”, the study concludes.