Speaking to journalists after visiting the national stands at the Hannover fair – which this year chose Portugal as a partner country – António Costa was asked whether, as the Prime Minister, he considers Portugal to be a “net beneficiary” of the international situation.

In his response, the Prime Minister stressed that “what offers Portugal competitive advantages today are several factors”, starting by highlighting “the excellence” of Portuguese talent and its human resources, but also the fact that the European Commission considers that Portugal is the country that “is in the best position to ensure the energy transition”.

Gateway to the world

Another competitive advantage highlighted by Costa was the fact that Portugal is “the fourth safest country in the world and an extraordinary location for those who produce for the rest of the world”.

“Obviously, whoever produces in Europe for Europe, there are perhaps other more attractive locations from a geographical point of view. From the point of view of those who produce from Europe to the rest of the world, it is no coincidence that we have always been Europe's gateway to the world”, he underlined.

Costa highlighted that Portugal is the country that is “the shortest distance from all other continents” and defended that “it is not by chance” that Portugal “is the mooring point for the new submarine cables that will be made, from South America, from southern Africa, from Asia to Portugal".

“So, among the talent, the excellence of our companies, our scientific research centres, our geographical position, the fact that we are one of the most peaceful countries in the world, obviously all of these are very great competitive advantages”, he highlighted.