Speaking to Lusa, after having presented the contingency plan for the border posts of the five Portuguese airports for the period from June to September 2022, the president of the Union for the Career of Investigation and Inspection of the Foreigners and Borders Service ( SCIF-SEF), Acácio Pereira, said that the issue of queues at airports is “global, not just a Portuguese case” and in recent days there have been long “waiting times at the largest airports in the world”.

Not a true international airport

“In the case of Lisbon airport, there is a negative particularity that is the fact that it is an infrastructure that is obsolete, an infrastructure of the Estado Novo with patches and that does not suit the needs of the country at the moment. It is desirable that an infrastructure be created from scratch, but unfortunately there is a focus on criticizing and pointing out responsibilities to a service when the responsibility is collective, of the various entities and of the State itself, which until today has not been able to provide Lisbon with a true international airport”, said Acácio Pereira.