The document indicates that, in one week, the so-called index of transmissibility (or Rt) dropped from 1.13 to 1, which means, in practice, a stabilisation of the pandemic after almost a month with an increase in the number of positive diagnoses (or i.e. an Rt above 1).

In the North (0.96), Centre (0.94) and Alentejo (0.97) regions, the Rt is even now below 1, a sign that the number of new cases has already started to fall, contrary to the which happens in Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (1.06), Azores (1.16) and Madeira (1.22) where there are still more and more infections.

Until May 27, in the two previous weeks, a daily average of 26 thousand cases of covid-19 had been counted across the country. High values ​​that lead the report to speak of a "very high notification rate", but with a decreasing trend, taking into account that the daily average present in the last evaluation was around 29 thousand cases.