In a statement, Correios de Portugal "strongly repudiates this situation and informs that they have not participated in any way in the development of any type of online investment platforms, or any other similar solution".

They also recommend to the public "special prudence before the content presented, remembering that the contracting of any financial product or service must always be preceded by a careful verification of the legitimacy of the entity that sells it, always denouncing any content that seems suspicious".

Phishing, emphasises CTT, "is an online fraud technique in which, through SMS messages, emails or posts on social media [social networks], an attempt is made to obtain confidential information such as login accounts, passwords or bank details, using the identity of trusted institutions".

The purpose of this type of cyberattacks is to direct the user to a fake website in order to obtain confidential data.

CTT provides information about these fraudulent schemes, which use the image of Correios de Portugal, on its official website.