"In 2022 we will have 25 brewers. There will be about 125 to 150 beers. These are national and international brands," João Claro, one of the event organisers, said «at a press conference.

The event is organised in a combined effort by Brew! Coimbra, Coimbra City Council and the Exploratório Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra, supported by several entities such as the University of Coimbra, Águas de Coimbra, Turismo Centro de Portugal or the Intermunicipal Community of Coimbra Region.

"These events are important for our city, for our county, for our community, and for our craft beer producers," said the Mayor of Coimbra, José Manuel Silva.

At the festival, besides craft beer, there will be talks, popular games, as well as a cultural programme with several concerts and DJs.

"Together with the university, we are working on the talks, as well as other activities for families, namely games", said the director of the Exploratório Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra, Paulo Trincão.

The event, which cost about €50 thousand, is expecting an attendance of about 12 thousand people.