APAA’s philosophy, a simple one... Take an animal off the streets and try and put whatever is wrong with it, right. Gradually, the kennels became full to the point of overflowing. A new concept was required of balls, dinners, lunches, raffles, tin cans, and collection boxes. Appearing at Blip or the rogue show for dogs ‘Scrufts’. Setting up a cordoned-off re-homing centre, a competition ring, pukka inspectors and adjudicators, vets on hand and dog food championing companies, all helping to provide funds for SNiP (Spaying and Neutering Programme).

The countryside’s feral feline population grew so fast and decimated by cat plague. Now, they thrive in man-made colonies, providing their essential sanctuary. Unfortunately, breeding continues and catching the feline perpetrators nigh on impossible. To hunt them and trap them needs a huge amount of patience and dedication. Achieving the cat’s trust foremost in mind. Then the SNiP!

APAA’s new era of the mobile ‘phones, androids, computers, Online, WhatsApp, FaceBook, Blogging, Zoom.... etcetera, etc. Word gets around a lot quicker, not just a phone call, but a Wi-Fi away. APAA’s network of dog and cat lovers, are the proof that this modern-day approach works. There are many groups and associations, across the Algarve and indeed the North of Portugal, that do splendid work.

Thanks to the animal loving public for showing their support by way of donations, memberships and visiting charity shops. These are all important, essential ways of raising not only money, but the “bar” of expectations for the animals who come into our world. APAA’s innovative new generation of ideas, gave birth to the ‘Pop-Up’.

Their President, Jenny Clarke who is deep in thought, whilst in full jam and chutney making mode, wondering what to do with the dozens of bottles. Where to put them, make them of use? Expats, used to WI (Women Institute) setting up a stall, sell cakes, chutneys, pickles. Whatever. Why not here? “Okay, I give in!” Jenny admitted. “It was a strange idea, and a tall order. Who, Why, What and When?” Amongst APAA’s membership and tribe of followers, were some keen helpers. Ideas, suggestions are all very good, but hands on deck needed!

Jackie’s home-made cookies, crochet key rings, the list continues. Anita a long-term member and staunch animal lover, came forward. Her previous management skills, a floor walker in a large department store, proved invaluable. An eye for lay-out and goodies and pricing. With the help of the charity shop’s cornucopia of delights, voila! Pop-Up Stall! Themes, places, posters and advertising, membership letters, word of mouth. To date, barely a year, after the first Pop-Up adventure, valuable funds have been raised for the protection and continuing health care for our canine and feline friends. Caring, helping hands. If you feel you can assist with your time, or visit a charity shop or Pop-Up APAA would love to see you and chat.

Diary: 24 June (Friday) 12-3 Pop-Up with Bargains Last Pop-Up until the autumn. Buy cheap but brill items for Christmas. Lounge on the terrace of the Recanto dos Mouros Restaurant, (behind Silves Castle). Book Lunch 1.00pm. Pork in Orange Sauce, Baccalhau with Bacon and Tomato (couvert, trimmings, dessert and drinks included) 22.50€. Meet up and enjoy! Contact Jenny events.apaaportugal@gmail.com or 919041903. Note: For the Head Strong – 24 June is John The Baptist’s Day.

Visit website at www.apaaportugal.com, charity shops at Alvor, Dunas Complex Monday-Friday 10.30-2.00. Silves, Rua Elias Garcia 21, 10-2.00. Bring and Buy, good quality items always welcomed. Volunteer? Why not? Interested in re-homing programme? Info.apaaportugal@gmail.com