It documents his move to the north of the country, where he, alongside a local architect, renovated an old, dilapidated village house.

Sarna says Portugal welcomed him “in such a polite and delicate way,” and says the “love story to Portugal” line refers to that welcome, the people of northern Portugal, “and also the beauty of the area – it’s very different to my home of Israel”.

The writing of the book came naturally to Igal, saying: “The book was written because this is me. This is the way I live. This is what I love to do”.

Sarna says the book has a wide appeal, and that anyone whose interest ranges from building a new house, to those with an interest in Portugal, or even simply those who have an interest in adventure and discovering something new, will get enjoyment out of the book.

The author is currently writing his second book set in Portugal, and will take place in the town of Caminha, near his home in the Alto Minho area. He says it will feature the lives of the people in the town, from miracles to everyday life.

The author, born in Tel Aviv in 1952 to after his parents fled Europe during the Second World War, is a former journalist who worked for Yedioth Ahronoth in Tel Aviv. He also served as a tank commander in the Yom Kippur War in 1973 and was one of the founders of the Peace Now movement. In 2017, the age of 65, Sarna arrived in the Alto Minho region of northern Portugal, finally settling near Vila Nova de Cerveira.

Those interested in buying the book can buy it through Amazon. A paperback edition can also be found in bookshops. Sarna has plans to launch the book in the USA, and also have it translated to Hebrew to be sold in his home country of Israel.