“In April, the indebtedness of the non-financial sector (public administrations, companies and individuals) increased by €5.1 billion, to €782.5 billion”, notes the BdP.

Looking at public sector debt, it rose by 4.4 billion euros in April. This reflects the growth in external debt (€2.2 billion), the financial sector (€1.6 billion) and public administrations (€1.1 billion). However, the “growth was partially offset by the decrease in indebtedness of individuals (€0.6 billion)”, points out the BdP.

The indebtedness of the private sector (private companies) increased by €0.7 billion, to €432.6 billion, says the institution led by Mário Centeno. While the indebtedness of private companies grew by €0.3 billion, “mainly from abroad”, the indebtedness of individuals, which rose by €0.4 billion, took place “exclusively with the financial sector”.

The growth rate of the indebtedness of private companies slowed down, rising by 4.4 percent compared to April 2021. On the other hand, that referring to individuals stabilised, increasing 3.9 percent compared to the same period in the previous year, a value similar to that observed in March.