“The Government does not negotiate, it is the TAP administration that negotiates, but the Government will continue to explain and raise awareness of the importance of us all being firm in implementing the restructuring plan on which the survival of the airline where they work depends,” said Pedro Nuno Santos.

For the government official, TAP “is not in a financial situation to allow it to reverse the cuts that were fundamental and that are fundamental to sustain the recovery of the company”.

Last Sunday, TAP announced that it will reduce by 10% the cut that pilots have suffered in salaries and increase the level from which it will apply reductions in the salaries of other workers.

On Monday, the Civil Aviation Pilots Union (SPAC) accused TAP of "manipulation and propaganda" and guaranteed that it would activate "all legal mechanisms" to contest what they say is "non-compliance".

“We hope that we can have social peace at TAP, which the airline needs and which the country deserves,” said Pedro Nuno Santos, recalling that “the Portuguese made a massive investment to save an airline that is very important for the economy national".