Tourists show little concern about the Covid-19 pandemic, as confidence in travelling continues to rise. According to a survey carried out by GlobalData, 57% of respondents admitted to “not being concerned” or having “little concern” about the spread of Covid-19, suggesting that “tourists are now better prepared to live with the virus”.

Hannah Freem Travel and Tourism Analyst of GlobalData said that “forecasts for tourism in many countries are more optimistic than at any time in the last two years”. However, the official warns that “the turmoil and uncertainty of Covid-19 has caused many challenges that could complicate the recovery. The growing demand, associated with layoffs and flexible work, as well as competition for human resources with other sectors of activity, have resulted in a shortage of personnel in several economies dependent on tourism”.

GlobalData’s latest forecasts reveal that, on a global scale, international departures have reached 68% of pre-pandemic levels, forecasting it to improve to 82% in 2023 and to 97% in 2024, surpassing 2019 levels in 2025 , estimated to be 101% compared to 2019.