"Due to constraints at several international airports, among other issues, 38 cancelled flights are planned for today - 20 arrivals and 18 departures at Humberto Delgado Airport", ANA reported in response to Lusa.

This information updates the data released by ANA in the early afternoon, which pointed to the cancellation of a total of 22 flights.

On Saturday, ANA's forecast pointed to 65 flights cancelled that day to and from Lisbon airport.

The problems observed in Lisbon are also being experienced at several airports in the United States and Europe.

At the root of the problem is a lack of personnel, strikes and other aggravating external factors, namely weather, issues related to Covid-19 or unforeseen events, such as the blowout of the tire of a private jet that closed the airport runway for a few hours at Lisbon, this Friday afternoon.