"The Regional Government's Facebook page was the target of a cyberattack, reproducing content that is not produced by the Madeiran executive, nor under its responsibility", reads the alert released by the presidency of the Madeiran executive.

In the document, the government (PSD/CDS) adds that “the situation is being monitored and resolved by the competent government services and cooperation and urgent intervention has already been requested from the judicial and police bodies, in order to remedy the incident as soon as possible”.

It also requests that users and followers “do not respond to messages originating from this page” and follow “only the website and other uncompromised channels”.

“Although we are unaware of what happened, we regret the inconvenience that all our users may be suffering and we apologise”.

In turn, in a statement, the PSD/Madeira also warns of the occurrence of a cyberattack on its official page on this same network last weekend.