easyJet appears at the top of this Top 10 with almost 1,400 cancelled flights, followed by Turskish Airlines (399) and Scandinavian (145).

Carlos Cendra, Director of Sales & Marketing at Mabrian, says that “it is highly unusual to see airlines cancel flights on such short notice, literally weeks before departure and at the height of summer”.

Looking only at the Top 10 airlines with cancellations, it is possible to verify more than 2,000 cancellations across Europe for the period from 1 to 15 July, “nothing like this has ever been seen before and this situation reflects the labour difficulties that airlines and airport are going through at the moment, being unable to return to 2019 levels.”

Carlos Cendra adds, however, that “although the largest number of cancelled flights belongs to easyJet, with 1,394 flights, this actually only covers 5.5% of the company’s flight capacity (one in every 20 flights)”

“We should keep some perspective on this general situation, because when we look at the general numbers in terms of percentage of an airline’s air capacity, what we can see is that in many cases the cancellations in relative terms are very low – the rate which is lowest in the Top 10 is Air Europa, with less than 0.5% of flights cancelled, which means that 199 of the 200 are still scheduled to fly”, highlights Cendra.

However, Carlos Cendra concludes that “each cancellation represents a nightmare for someone and a loss of revenue for the company. Nobody is profiting from the situation”, also highlighting the fact that “clearly, as an industry, we are still far from being able to solve the problem”.