The remaining territory was in severe drought (67.9%) and moderate drought (3.7%).

On the last day of May, 97.1% of the territory was in severe drought, 1.5 in moderate drought and 1.4 in extreme drought.

In a comparison with other years of drought, available in the climatological bulletin, it appears that at the end of June of the years 2012 and 2005 there was 56% and 64% of extreme drought, respectively.

The institute classifies the meteorological drought index into nine classes, which varies between “extreme rain” and “extreme drought”.

Higher than average temperatures

In addition to the drought index, the IPMA Climatological Bulletin indicates that the month of June was classified as hot and dry.

The average values of the average, maximum and minimum temperature were higher than normal in June.

The IPMA also adds in the report that the average value of the amount of precipitation in June, 22.1 millimetres, was lower than the normal value 1971-2000, corresponding to 69%.

At the end of June, the percentage of water in the soil remained very low throughout the territory and especially in the interior North and Center region, in the Tagus valley, Alentejo and Algarve.