In the case of respondents with a higher education level, this percentage reaches 81.8%, according to the annual barometer on the perception of culture in Portugal, promoted by the Gerador platform and released at the Oeiras Ignição Gerador festival and discussion forum.

Although it has decreased by ten percentage points compared to last year (85%), the percentage of Portuguese who believe that the State should invest more in Culture remains high.

The study, carried out by the consultancy Qmetrics for the independent journalism, culture and education platform Gerador, was carried out with a sample of 1,200 people, aged 15 and over, from mainland Portugal and the islands, designed to respect the characteristics of the population.

The survey results also show that “culture is solidly present in the lives of the Portuguese”, taking into account that 67.5% of respondents said that it is very present in their lives and 100% have consumed some form of culture in the last year.