Quinta do Lago writes today on Facebook: “Today is a brighter day for Quinta do Lago. Our golf courses, The Campus, restaurants, and other facilities have already reopened. Q Hub is also open; please don't hesitate to contact us or visit us on Roundabout 2 if you need any support.

“Yesterday was a long, sad, and difficult day for all of us in Quinta, but authorities have reported that the situation is now under control. We still have firefighters on the scene to control and monitor the area.

“The well-being and safety of our community were preserved, and thankfully there has been no reported human loss or injury. The fire affected some landscaping areas of the North Course and of some private villas close to the fire.

We'd like to thank everyone for their unending and generous help in this situation. Thank you so much to all the brave firefighters and authorities who work tirelessly to keep our resort safe. Thank you and stay safe.”

The Vale do Lobo resort posted on Facebook: “Yesterday was one of these days when the true community spirit shines through. We would like to thank all the teams, our residents and the entire community for their tireless help and determination to keep everyone safe”.

Pinetrees Riding centre said on Facebook: “Thank you all for your concerns over the terrible fire which has today affected so many people, properties and animals, in the area between the airport and Quarteira.

We were first alerted of the fire by an IBC Security guard at 04.00. At 05.00 our yard manager Bruno Ferreira, who is always an early riser, and I went to assess the risk level where the fire could be seen near Pinheiros Altos. The morning was spent on Red Alert and in helping move four horses at risk in the Ludo Valley. The little farm also brought a little pig and some ducks to Pinetrees for safety and good air.

After lunch, however, the fire started up just a few hundred meters south of the stables and it was necessary to press the evacuation button.

“Many thanks to all the people who came to help. The horses are all safe and sound in various stables throughout the Algarve. Horses were also evacuated from Gambelas, Ludo, Shemilts, Sabine, and also Palmyra Bento.”