In an assessment made at the National Emergency and Civil Protection Authority (ANEPC), in Carnaxide, Oeiras, the national commander of Emergency and Civil Protection, André Fernandes, stated that, during the last week, 187 people were injured, 90 of them operational and 93 civilians, and four are seriously injured but not life-threatening.

The national commander said that 865 preventive evacuations were carried out, with people affected by the fires in the districts of Santarém and Leira having already returned to their homes.

The official also took stock of the damage found so far.

Fire update

In the town of Cumeada, in the municipality of Ourém (district of Santarém), "28 houses, annexes and garages" were damaged.

In the fire that broke out in Vale da Pia, in the parish of Abiul (municipality of Pombal) and which later spread to the neighboring municipality of Ansião (district of Leiria), "12 dwellings, one 'roulotte', two warehouses, an aviary, a sawmill and an annex”.

In the Caranguejeira fire, in the municipality and district of Leiria, "four houses, a cowshed and a pavilion" were affected, while "two houses and two annexes" is the provisional balance of the fire that broke out in the parish of Espite, in the municipality of Ourém.

In Palmela, according to André Fernandes, 12 buildings, five homes, two of which are commercial, a stand, a mill and two rural tourism infrastructures were affected.

In turn, the fire that broke out on Wednesday in the district of Faro affected four homes, two of which were vacant, four vehicles, 35 residential gardens and 13 agricultural support sites.

In Oliveira de Azeméis, a house and a workshop were damaged and in the fire in Caminha, which is still active, a house was hit so far.