The values ​​released by the IPMA indicate that in 26 meteorological stations the previous highest values ​​of the maximum air temperature for this month were exceeded on the 14th, in three of them (Pinhão, Alvega and Mirandela) values ​​of the maximum air temperature were recorded equal to or higher than 45°C and in almost half (46%) the values ​​were equal to or greater than 40°C.

In practically the entire territory (except Cabo Carvoeiro, Cabo Raso and Cabo da Roca) the values ​​of the maximum air temperature were equal to or greater than 30°C.

The highest value of the maximum temperature occurred in the Pinhão station (47°C) and is a new high for the month of July in mainland Portugal. The previous extreme value for July (46.5°C) was recorded on July 23, 1995, at Amareleja station.

Until today, the highest value of the maximum temperature was recorded in Amareleja, on August 1, 2003, with 47.3°C.

According to the IPMA, in relation to the minimum temperature, the previous highest values ​​were also exceeded in 26 stations on the 9th (Lisbon/G.C.), 12th (Zebreira and Bragança) and 13th (Nelas, Viseu and Pampilhosa) and in 20 stations on day 14.

In 13 meteorological stations - Nelas, Viseu, Trancoso, Guarda, Vila Real, Alcoutim, Monção, Moncorvo, Bragança, Macedo de Cavaleiros, Viana do Castelo, Aveiro and Leiria - the values ​​of the minimum air temperature recorded in the period between the 12th and 14th are absolute extremes for those stations.

On Thursday (14th), the highest value of the minimum air temperature was recorded in Portalegre (29.3°C).

Hottest day of the year

With an average air temperature of 30.8°C, the 13th was considered the hottest day of this year and the 5th hottest day of the last 23 years in mainland Portugal. Thursday (14th) will be considered the 2nd hottest day of the year.

The IPMA predicts that until Sunday the maximum air temperature will be around 35°C and the minimum temperature will be between 19°C and 20°C, so tropical nights should occur today in 55% of the territory and in 40% of the territory over the weekend.