“Provisional data from June show that the activity of hospital consultations is growing again both in relation to 2019 and in relation to 2021”, said Marta Temido at a hearing at the Health Commission at the request of Chega, the PCP and the Liberal Initiative.

Comparing with the care activity carried out in the first half of 2021, hospitals performed this year over 265,000 consultations and over 33,000 surgeries.

According to Marta Temido, this portrait also takes place in oncology, an area that gave rise to one of the three requests that led to the hearing of the minister's team in parliament.

“Therefore, to say that a system that is faced with the need to respond to a pandemic and that manages to continue to respond and make progress, naturally weaker than what we would like in a normal context, is a system that is not responding, it will certainly be not very honest from an intellectual point of view”, she said, in response to criticism from deputies at the hearing.