Two Americans brought a pickleball net, a box of paddles and balls with them when they immigrated to Portugal December 2020. But it was not until they settled in VRSA earlier this year that they found a place to play. While shopping one day at the Continente Bom Dia, they spotted a covered sports court adjacent to the Sports Complex. The area was used for basketball or indoor soccer, but perfectly accommodated 4 pickleball courts.

“We rented the space two days a week for one month”, said Denise Boutin. “At our first session in April 5 people showed up…only 2 had even seen the sport before. But we provided equipment and instruction, and people really loved the sport.” Through word of mouth, there are now 45 members on their Facebook Group and on a typical day you will find 16-20 people laughing and competing for nothing more than “bragging rights”.

“We are truly the UN of pickleball with Danes, Swedes, Ukranians, Portuguese, British, French, Italian and American players,” explained Nancy Whiteman. “We are always excited to introduce this game with the funny name to new players. We provide equipment and instruction…so come give it a try!”

The group is currently playing on Mondays and Fridays from 10:00 till noon. To learn more contact Nancy and Denise at And note, pickleball is also now played in Porto, Vau, and Oerias. For more information please visit